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A wikia created to organize information on the Avalon Silver Saga, an Odin Sphere fanfiction series that acts as an indirect sequel to Vanillaware's 2007 sleeper. This wiki is currently under major reconstruction, so please be patient!

The storybook opens again...Edit

You are a young girl named Madeline, and have been bedridden for quite some time due to an illness. While you are finally beginning to recover, you're still unable to leave your room or go outside. One day, you receive a package from your grandmother, who had visited your family only a few weeks ago.


I noticed during my visit that you seemed to be rather bored and miserable being cooped up in your room all day, so I went hunting in my attic. It took a while to find them because there's so much stuff up there! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did when I was your age!


When you open the package, you discover that there are several books inside; "Princess Knight," "Bluebird," "Star Ring Forest," "Jeweled Heart," "Dance Among Swords," "Last Battle," and "Eternity." While books have never exactly been your thing, you choose to read them anyway and begin with the book "Princess Knight." When you open to the title page, you are greeted with the title of the entire series.

Avalon Silver

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